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What To Do Before and After Your Appointment

Cold Water Bottles


  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day of treatment, both before and after your session. This will keep you hydrated and help flush the toxins out of your body.

  • Wear comfortable clothing to the session.

  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine for at least 24 hours before the treatment.

  • Make sure you have a small meal before your treatment. Never come on an empty stomach. Avoid heavy meals immediately before the session to minimize discomfort.

  • Communicate any concerns or questions with your body sculptor beforehand for a better understanding of the procedure.


Proper preparation and aftercare are key to ensuring your body contouring results last longer, helping you maintain a toned and sculpted look. Follow these instructions to boost your body's natural healing and achieve long-lasting, optimal results. For further details on our services or any questions, contact Peach Shack today in the Los Angeles area. 


  • Expect Redness & Cup Marks: They should only last a few hours. If you end up bruising use Arnica pills or Arnica gel to quickly diminish them. 

  • Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water to help flush out toxins.

  • Massage the Area: Gently massage the treated area to help with circulation 

  • Use Sunscreen: Apply high-SPF sunscreen to the treated area to protect from Uv Rays. 

  • Exercise Regularly & Follow a Healthy Diet: Maintains and enhances your results.

  • Avoid Tanning/Hot Tubs/Saunas/Steam Rooms: This will irritate your skin. Wait 24-48 hours.

  • Avoid Showering Immediately: Wait at least 4-6 hours before showering to allow the skin to settle.

  • Avoid alcohol & Caffeine: These can dehydrate you and affect your results.

  • Follow Up Treatments: Schedule follow-up sessions as recommended by your body sculptor to maintain results.

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