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Wood Therapy

Wood therapy, also known as maderoterapia, is like a spa day for your body that uses specially designed wooden tools to knead, roll, and massage your skin. This unique body contouring technique stimulates the skin and underlying tissues, promoting lymphatic drainage and enhancing circulation. Using carefully applied pressure and precise movements, wood therapy helps break down stubborn fat deposits and promotes a more sculpted and even body contour.


In addition to its body contouring effects, wood therapy is a valuable treatment for addressing specific concerns. Whether you're struggling with uneven skin texture, localized fat, or just looking to refine your overall silhouette, wood therapy provides a personalized approach to meet your needs. Each session can be tailored to focus on areas where you seek improvement, helping you feel more confident in your body and address concerns in a targeted way.


Moreover, wood therapy can be a fantastic complement to your wellness and self-care routine. By incorporating this treatment, you can experience a soothing yet effective method for enhancing your body shape while also enjoying a relaxing, stress-relieving experience. Whether used alone or as part of a comprehensive body sculpting plan, wood therapy offers a personalized and effective approach to achieving your body goals and embracing your natural beauty.

  • Relaxes Muscle Tension

  • Stimulates Fat Reduction

  • Improves Blood Flow

  • Reduces Cellulite 

  • Promotes Collagen Production

  • Enhances Body Contour

  • Improves Skin Texture

  • Boosts Metabolism & Detoxification

Wood therapy helps to relax your mind and body so that you experience reduced physical and mental stress and tension. Aside from reducing your tension and stress, wood therapy improves the blood flow of the areas of your body where the rolling pins are used. This can help to improve your overall health. If you’re looking for a body contouring treatment that offers fat and cellulite reduction, contact us and schedule your appointment in Studio City, CA, today!

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