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Body Contouring Safety Guide

Please read before booking a session for any service! If you have one or more of the following, you may or may not be suitable for treatment.

Body Positive


  • Pregnant

  • Breastfeeding


  • Cancer (all forms)

  • Undergoing chemotherapy or immunotherapy

  • Immunodeficiency

  • Lupus

  • High blood pressure (uncontrolled)

  • Diabetes (uncontrolled)

  • Keloid scarring

  • Excessive pigmentation

  • Vein inflammation

  • Prednisone and other steroid medications (treatment will increase inflammation)

  • Chemical peels and laser resurfacing

  • Sunburn


If the client has any ABSOLUTE CONTRAINDICATIONS they cannot be treated with body sculpting. It is for safety purposes.

Friends at the Beach


  • Recent surgery (wait 6 months)

  • Recent scars (wait 6 months)

  • Open lesions (avoid area)

  • Skin diseases (avoid area)

  • Infection (avoid area)

  • Antibiotics (wait until course completed)

  • Inflammation (avoid area)

  • Varicose veins (avoid area)

  • Prosthesis/silicone implants (avoid area)

  • Metal implants/screws (avoid area)

  • Metal contraceptive coil (avoid area)

  • Copper IUD Contraceptive (avoid area)

  • Depilatory creams (wait 2 weeks)

  • Areas being treated with IPL or Laser (wait 2 weeks)

  • Areas being treated with Botox® (wait 3 months) or dermal fillers (wait 2 weeks)

  • Suntan (sun must be avoided the entire duration of the treatment regime)

  • Chronic inflammation (depending on severity of chronic inflammatory conditions - consider that treatment will increase inflammation and anti-inflammatory medications reduce the effectiveness of the treatment: please discuss with doctor first)

If the client has any PARTIAL CONTRAINDICATIONS the client may or may not be suitable for treatment. The beauty therapist will advise the best course of action in a consultation.

If you are unsure about whether or not you have a condition that may impact your ability to receive body enhancements, please contact Peach Shack in the Studio City, CA area today.

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