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Fat Removal in Studio City, CA

At Peach Shack, we offer services to remove fat from your body, particularly in the stomach area. Our stubborn fat removal treatments will trim down or redistribute pockets of fat within your body to give you a smoother and more even appearance.

lipo laser on woman's legs.jpg

One of these treatments is our lipo cavitation procedure. This procedure targets the stubborn areas where fat and cellulite typically collect and uses low-frequency sound waves to heat and vibrate the layers of the cells below the skin’s surface, causing the fat cells to liquefy and drain through the lymphatic system.

This body sculpting procedure is an effective and non-invasive alternative to surgical treatment, meaning there is less risk and little downtime. With these fat and cellulite reduction techniques, you can reshape your body and feel good in your skin. Schedule your ultrasonic cavitation in the Studio City, CA area today!

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